Is Keyword Density Still Relevant For Your SEO?

For long, content marketing on the internet has involved the use of keywords. Keywords are significant words in content and indicate the nature and purpose of the particular post, page or site. SEO or Search Engine Optimization involves strategic use of search terms to influence search engine results

Now it might be clear that these two concepts are interrelated. Earlier, every search query was matched with content found on the Web, and relevant pages were ranked and displayed, based on keyword density. Keyword density indicates the number of times the particular word or phrase appears in a given web page, compared to the number of total words in it.

Search methods based on this, often lead to pages or blogs, listing only keywords with poor content. It brought in traffic but not real answers to the searcher. Pages with relevant content were pushed down the search results, affecting business adversely.

Search engines have evolved since then, and are now using sophisticated algorithms to enhance the search engine experience. And now, the question is, is keyword density still relevant for your SEO? The answer is, yes and no. Yes, because keywords still do and always will influence SEO in some parts, and no, because density by itself isn’t of much value these days.

Here are a few pointers to help with making your keyword density work for your SEO:

Analyze the keyword density in your own web pages. Keep them minimal, interspersed at strategic points. It’s always better to not bombard the reader with catchwords; he isn’t going to want to read further or come back.

Watch your content. Only keywords don’t do the trick. Even if the searcher is brought in, if he doesn’t find an answer relevant to his search, you’ve lost him. Do not compromise on quality.

Use synonyms, and position them at titles or in image descriptions. This way, your idea is uniformly distributed without looking jarring.

Disguise keywords in links that track back to your own webpage.

When you use keyphrases, you match closer to the query the searcher posts in form of a phrase. Most search items are questions or sentences, and keyphrases instead of words are picked up better by search algorithms, resulting in increased traffic to your page.

Take these pointers into account and make keyword density relevant to your SEO. Need more ideas and help? Reach out to digital agency Singapore !